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$35/Day. 1,2,& 3 Days Available

Does your Body Need a Break?

Take your body on a vacation!





Take a Break from processed food and preservatives with our 1-3 Day Juice Reboot and feel the difference! A Juice REBOOT is a great opportunity to reset your digestive system, detoxify, and welcome new healthy habits. Eliminate processed foods loaded with white flours and sugars and chemicals (that weigh us down with fatigue, bloating, and decreased energy), and recharge your mind and body.


Our 1-3 day Juice Reboot will reprogram your insides with rapid absorption of plant based vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and amino acids. Consider this an “oil change” for the most precious vehicle you own…… yourself!


 *Warning: Replenishing your body with an array of nutrients from cold pressed juice may leave you

feeling energized and refreshed, and may lead to more healthy eating habits. 


We offer a nutritional rainbow of juices carefully selected to Reboot your system.  You will receive a list of recommendations with your Juice Reboot order. Out with the old and in with the new:




Included in the Juice Reboot:

(1) The Cleaner:

Our Lemon Apple Colon Cleanser will start your reboot by helping to detoxify the colon and promote health. This “cleaner” contains fiber, nutrients, and vitamins the body needs to expel toxins and help heal the body. This will occur naturally and you can proceed with your day as usual.


(1) The Healer:

Our Fountain of Blue contains one of the most healing ingredients in the world, a superfood gift: Blue Algae (C-phycocyanin)……………The Blue Majik used in this drink is being increasingly studied due to its extensive list of health benefits. It is known to be an extremely effective anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant, inhibiting free radicals to help fight and prevent disease and cancer.  Blue Majik is considered by scientists to be the most nutrient dense food available. Blue Majik has a potent concentration of 62% protein, 64 trace minerals and 12 vitamins including B12, phytonutrients, vitamin E, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, and gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA’s are key to overall health, disease prevention, and anti-aging.  Fountain of Blue is a refreshing hydrating juice filled with electrolytes, cold pressed cucumber/lemon juice and  unsweetened coconut water.   Psst… also makes a great pre and post workout drink as it immediately replenishes every organ and function of our bodily systems.

(1) Dr. Green:

Everything you’ve heard about green is true. It lives up to the hype. Our Easy Being Green is loaded with vitamin rich greens including: Vitamin A and Bone Healthy Vitamin K filled spinach, hydrating and PH balancing cucumber, electrolyte rich celery, phytonutrient and antioxidant colored apples, weight and sugar regulating lime ( not to mention how delicious it blends with its other green friends in this juice !), and Kale....this supergreen has too much to brag about:), but you should know it is an excellent source of vitamin C and helps lower cholesterol, and improves heart health. 

(2)Aloe Vera shots:

This is your cherry on top so to speak. Start and finish your Reboot with a shot of pure Aloe to say “Thank You” and “Job Well Done”. Aloe Vera is a perfect GI healer  . It is alkalizing, hydrating, liver function promoting and intestinal flora balancing. It aids in heartburn relief, digestive problems, and skin conditions too! 

(1) Juice Of Choice (out of the cooler)

Be sure to read the ingredient list on all our juices for your personal choice to complete your reboot. Reprogram your mind and cravings to WANT healthy and your body will thank you! There is sure to be one that your taste buds and body will both love. Take the time to research the ingredients on the tag. Knowledge is motivating ! ….. And remember to eat and drink the rainbow! 

*REBOOT programs including food options, following a juice REBOOT, are also available. Please inquire with a manager/owner at Green Eats Kitchen and Juice Bar.


Pricing: $35/ Day. Discounts available on clean food options during or after your Reboot. A good way to follow up your Juice Reboot is with Green Eats for a Day.

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